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  1. Community To Honor The Memory Of A True American Hero, Guy Taylor, on Saturday March 4th

    The City of Galveston would like to encourage the community to join us on the corner of 21st and Postoffice March 4th at 6pm as we remember a man who left an extraordinary mark on our island, Guy Taylor. Read on...
  2. Warrant Round-up Begins February 27th

    The City of Galveston Municipal Court and Galveston Police Department are beginning the 2017 Warrant Round-Up Monday, February 27th. Those who appear in person to resolve their cases and pay in full will have warrant fees waived and will not be arrested. Read on...
  3. "Flesh-Eating" Bacteria News Reports Often Hype, Not Educate

    The fact is, Virbio vulnificus, also known as "flesh-eating bacteria" exists in all salt and brackish water. The key thing to keep in mind - those with pre-existing health conditions or who have open cuts or sores should be cautious on any beach. Read on...
  4. Blinking Yellow Lights Being Installed on 61st to Ease Traffic Congestion

    Traffic signals along 61st Street between Seawall and Broadway are being altered to add a blinking yellow arrow for left turns. The blinking arrow is meant to signify to motorists that they can legally make a left turn but must yield to other traffic. Read on...
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