Long-Term Recovery Committee

  • Immediate goal: Unify the community recovery effort
  • Secondary goal: Achieve consensus on the community vision for a recovered Galveston
  • Work product: A community action plan that includes projects, a timetable for implementation, and funding sources
Galveston Community Final Recovery Plan
Workgroup Topic Areas
Business Environmental - Focus Area
  • Green Galveston: green building design, recycling, resource conservation, urban forestry, and trails
  • Natural Resource Protection and Restoration: habitat restoration, wetlands, land conservation, beach re-nourishment, and open space
Economic Development - Focus Area
  • Business Development / Job Creation: casinos, bio-tech, and Eco-tourism
  • Business Retention and Expansion: URMB tourism, and Port of Galveston
  • District Plans: Seawall, The Strand, and Harbor side
Housing & Community Character - Focus Area
  • Community Character: cultural attractions, recreational facilities, walkable communities, safe streets, and code enforcement
  • Disaster Planning: recovery plans, building codes, and standards
  • Historic Preservation: incentives for rehabilitation and historic district guidelines
  • Housing: affordable / workforce, mixed income, and mixed use
Human Services - Focus Area
  • Education: GISD, higher education, and life long learning
  • Health: health services delivery, senior service, and child care
Transportation & Infrastructure - Focus Area
  • Transportation: commuter rail / multi modal, complete streets, and trails
  • Infrastructure: storm water management, desalinization, dikes, and levees
Community Feedback
Draft Plan
Meeting Summaries
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