1. City Auditor

  2. City Attorney

    Learn more about the city attorney.

  3. City Manager

    Access the city manager's report and view the department's responsibilities.

  4. City Secretary

    Gain information from the City Secretary Office.

  5. Development Services

    Includes: Building, Code Enforcement, Coastal Resources, Historic Preservation, and Planning & Development

  6. Office of Emergency Management

    Sign up for the Emergency Notification System and read the Hurricane Preparedness Guide and Hazard Mitigation Plan.

  7. Finance

    Obtain city operating budgets and annual financial reports.

  8. Fire Department

    Find information about the Fire Department of Galveston.

  9. Grants & Housing Department

    Take a gander at the responsibilities and services of the Grants and Housing Department.

  10. Human Resources

    View information about the services and responsibilities of the Human Resources Department.

  11. Municipal Court

    Access Municipal Court dockets, extensions, violations, costs, and more.

  12. Parks & Recreation

    Discover the fun things to do, see, and explore in Galveston.

  13. Police Department

    Gather information about the Galveston Police Department and their service to the community.

  14. Public Information Office

    Browse information available to the public, released by the Public Information Office in conjunction with the City Secretary's Office.

  15. Public Works

    Learn about the Public Works Department and the services they provide to the community.

  16. Purchasing

    Register with the City of Galveston to do business, and view bids, RFPs, auction items, and properties for sale.

  17. Scholes International Airport

    Learn about the airport of the community.

  18. Transportation

    Island Transit, the City of Galveston's transit service.

  19. Utility Billing

    Obtain information about utility billing within the community.