Utility Billing

As the City continues to streamline the water meter reading process, and reduce the need for technicians to manually read meters, billing due dates for some customers may change.

The City’s billing cycles are broken down into 4 different sections of the Island. Meter readers drive each cycle to collect the amount of water used by each home or business. There are numerous homes and businesses across the Island that need to be reorganized into the correct billing cycle so that the meters can all be read at the same time. This reorganization will have no effect on the amount of the customers’ bills, however, the homes and businesses being moved into the correct billing cycle will notice a change in their due date.

For example, if a home is affected, and their due date was always the 2nd Monday of the month, but they are supposed to be in cycle 4, their due date will now be the 4th Monday of the month.

If an account will be affected by the reorganization, they will receive a letter approximately 1-2 billing cycles prior to the change to allow ample time to prepare. The City understands that changing the timing of a due date may initially create a financial concern for some homes and business. With this in mind, the City will not assess late fees for the first month of service that a billing cycle is affected.

The Water Department has put together a quick video to help explain the process and what it means to our homes and businesses on the Island. 

If anyone has any questions, please reach out to our Water Department at 409-797-3550.

As of February 1st, 2016, utility payments online using a credit or debit card are FREE!  The City has partnered with a new service provider and is passing on those savings to you, our customer.  

In addition, the City also offers an auto payment program where the amount due is drafted automatically each month.

*Please note a $0.75 service fee will be added and collected by a third party processor for eCheck payments.
To pay your utility bill online, visit http://cityofgalveston.org/176/Utility-Billing.
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