Inspections & Inspectors

The Building Division has the responsibility for establishing that the homes in which the citizens of the community reside and the buildings in which they work are designed and constructed to be reasonably free from hazards. The code intends to establish a minimum acceptable level of safety.

Please be aware permits & an address must be visible from the street for all inspections. Additionally, an approved set of plans is required on all job sites for inspections.

The City of Galveston Building Division is currently implementing policy changes that will affect permitted construction projects within the city limits of Galveston.  The changes are intended to increase the efficiency of our department and allow us to provide the contractors with improved customer service.

Effective August 1st and pertaining to new residential construction and additions, all construction trades are required to be complete and scheduled simultaneously for rough-in and final inspections.   The inspections to be scheduled on the same-day are as follows:

ROUGH-IN INSPECTION                                                         FINAL INSPECTION

Frame                                                                                      Building Final

Electrical Rough-In                                                                   Electrical Final

Mechanical Rough-In                                                                Mechanical Final

Plumbing Top-out                                                                     Plumbing Final

No inspection will be conducted if all trades are not complete. 

This is the first logical step in a departmental move toward providing full-service combination inspections of construction projects. The change will also provide for a more complete inspection while reducing department operating costs. 

If you have any questions, you may always contact us.

inspection pass

To request an inspection: Please call 409-797-3666 with the Property Address, Type of Inspection and Permit Number. Inspections requested before 7:00 AM will be put on the schedule for the same day. Any inspection request received after 7:00 AM will automatically be scheduled for the following day.

Effective August 1st:

All inspections will only be available online or via the aforementioned phone number.