HVAC Inspections Ralph Blanco

Please be advised the City of Galveston is currently in the process of hiring a new HVAC inspector. Until this is finalized we ask that you call the main office line to request inspections or submit them online. Please be aware that our inspectors will make sure every inspection is conducted, however they may not be able to make every inspection as scheduled. Please speak with an inspector if our needing a specific time for you inspection. Thank you for your understanding. 

Please be aware that only a licensed HVAC professional is allowed to pull permits & call for inspections. 

Below is a list of inspections for HVAC Permits. Not all inspections listed  are required on every job, as every job is different. Please be aware if you are doing a type of work that falls into one of these categories you will need to call for that inspection. It is up to you to know which inspections you will need and when you will need to call for them.
You are responsible for the HVAC inspections you do AND do not call for. 

Inspection requests can be made by phone or email 24-hours a day by calling or emailing that inspector for inspections requested on the following workday.

Common HVAC Inspections

  • Ceiling Cover
  • Courtesy 
  • Chill Water PSI Test
  • Duct Seal
  • Duct Cover
  • Final
  • Rough In
  • Vent Hood, Rough In
HVAC & Residential Energy Inspector :
Ralph Blanco