Building Inspections

Building Inspections:

Below is a list of inspections for Building Permits that are not required on every job as every job is different. Please be aware if you are doing a type of work that falls into one of these categories you will need to call for that inspection. It is up to you to know which inspections you will need and when you will need to call for them. 

Inspection requests can be made by phone or email 24-hours a day by calling or emailing that inspector for inspections requested on the following workday.

  • Foundation Inspection (slabs, pilings & all other forms of foundations)
  • Framing Inspection (can only be conducted after a the project has passed the HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical rough-ins (as applicable))
  • Energy Inspections (energy rough-in, energy seal & windows (must pass these inspections before sheet rocking)) typically conducted by HVAC Inspector
  • Final Energy Inspection typically conducted byHVAC Inspector
  • Final Building Inspection
Other Common Inspections:

  • Flat work on private property (driveways and public sidewalk inspections are conducted by of the Public Works Department not the building department)
  • Customer Service Inspections (this includes but is not limited to Brick Tie Inspections, Lath Inspections & Fire Wall Inspections.)
  • Window energy inspections
Building Inspectors:

William Plummer
​39th Street & East

Christopher Roth
39th Street through 99th Street

Hank Obidzienski
99th Street & West