Posted on: June 23, 2017

Galveston Police Department Training Largest Cadet Class in Over 20 Years

Galveston Police Department Training Largest Cadet Class in Over 20 Years Bringing The Department To Full Strength

With a fully staffed force, and crime down, Galveston remains a safe place to call home.

Galveston, TX - June 23, 2017 – As of Monday, June 19, 2017, the Galveston Police Department is one step closer to having the largest force they’ve operated with since Hurricane Ike. With the 20 cadets who began their training to become Galveston police officers this month, all 148 positions available the department are now filled.

These 20 cadets will go through five arduous weeks of classroom instruction, police driving, firearms training, use of force, ground fighting and physical training. By August 1st, GPD will swear in five new officers on district patrol. The remaining cadets will continue on to complete their state certification and will be officially sworn in late 2017.

Each summer, Galveston PD maximizes their available man power to accommodate the influx of visitors on the island. At any given moment, from now through the end of our tourism season, there will be 14 officers on district patrol, in addition to the many officers we have that work special details throughout the community.

“We have made significant efforts in recruiting and retaining qualified officers to the department, it is a great day for GPD to say that we are fully staffed,” said Chief Rick Boyle. “We have been working toward this goal since I became Chief and I truly believe the efforts made are directly reflected in the decrease in crime on the island.”

Crime on the island is on the decline according to verified data collected by the agency. With a ten percent overall decline in the crime rate over the past twelve months, and a ten percent decline in violent crimes, City Manager Brian Maxwell attributes it to the hard work of the officers.

“I have grown up with many of the icons of the Galveston Police Department, and I can honestly say that I am proud of the department and the officers who wear the badge today. They manage a demanding workload on the island and they do it with integrity.”

In an effort to maintain a fully staffed department, the City will be hosting a civil service exam on July 21st at the Galveston Island Convention Center. “Turnover is inevitable, and GPD actually remains below the average turnover rate when compared to other departments across the nation,” said Captain Josh Schirard. “However, we will continue to focus on recruiting and always have our next cadet class ready to serve the community.”

If you’re interested in serving your community as a Galveston Police Officer, now is the time to answer the call. Sign up today at

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