Galveston Sea Turtles Swim Team

Current Updates & Upcoming Events:

  • COVID has been rough. We hope to move forward in 2022!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the requirements to join the team? You have to be between the ages of 6 and 17 year old. You have to complete a tryout, which consists of swimming 25 yds of freestyle and 25 yds of backstroke.

What will my child need to participate? Goggles, a swim suit (girls need a one piece and boys can wear a brief or jammer), and a swim cap (which will be provided with registration). 

What does a general Summer League Swim Team Schedule look like? We will begin practices in May for 4 evenings a week that last 1 hour. The last week of May we will switch to our summer schedule, which will be practice for 3 evenings a week lasting 1 hour and meets every Saturday through the month of June. Meets tend to last all morning starting 6am until about 1pm. Season will end that first week of July.

What can my child and I expect? Summer League is quick and fun! The season is about 8 weeks long. Your swimmer will get to meet other swimmers on the island and off the island. They get the opportunity to compete with other swimmers in their age group. They should see stroke improvement and cut time in their swims. 

How do we know which lane or level our swimmer belongs to at practice? Your coach will inform you after tryouts and registration. This will be based on age and ability level.

How much will swim team cost? We are still finalizing some details, but price should be posted December 2020.

Where do we go for swim meets? We have joined the Clear Creek Swim League and some of our meets might be in Texas City, Angleton, Seabrook, and other towns of their smaller teams.

Will transportation be provided to the swim meets? No, it is up to the parents/ guardians to make sure the swimmers have a ride to each of the meets they will participate in.

Are swimmers required to participate in all the meets? No, but attending the meets is highly encouraged. The team gets points for swimmers that place in the different events. There are also relays that require 4 swimmers of the same age to swim and compete. It is important to the whole team that swimmers attend and try their best. 

Is there anything I (parent/guardian) can do to help out? As the season gets closer, we will need lots of help from the parents and guardians of the swimmers. It takes close to 100 volunteers for each meet to take place. It might be concession stand, timing events, being an official, being a runner for officials, or simply gathering kids to make sure they are ready for their events and do not miss them. We will have more details about this at our parent meetings.

Sea Turtles Swim Team Contact:

Ms. Stormy Smith