What is the Right-of-Way (ROW)?

The right of way (ROW) is the area owned and/or controlled by the City and typically includes the street surface, sidewalks, and grassy areas between pavement and property lines. It is important to note that not all right-of-way falls under City jurisdiction.

When do I need a ROW Permit?

When you are installing or repairing sidewalks, driveways, and culverts.

When do I need a Utility Permit?

When you are performing utility work in the City ROW, excavating, trenching, hand digging or bore in the City ROW, conducting well/soil samples, performing tie-ins to city facilities (residential waterline tie-ins should contact the utilities division).

When do I need a Temporary License to Use (TLTU)?

When you are placing a dumpster or pod in the ROW, having a block party, or temporarily blocking any section of the ROW. 

When can I get a Handicap Parking Zone Sign installed in from of my residential property?

When the applicant requesting for the Handicap Parking Zone sign provides, their handicap placard or vehicle registration showing handicap plates for the individual requesting, and a valid TX Driver’s License or ID matching the address to requested location.

Which permits require insurance and bond?

Insurance is required on all City of Galveston Utility Permits for the contractor who will be conducting the work on site. The bond amount will be in accordance with the linear feet of proposed buried line x 100. Example, if the proposed buried line is 300’ then the bond amount would be $30,000.00, if the proposed buried line is less than a 100’ then the minimum bond amount is $10,000.00 respectively.