Final Disposition


All food & beverage glass from the City of Galveston Recycling Center in Galveston, Texas, is transported to Strategic Materials, Inc.’s facility located at 8436 Kopman Drive, Houston, TX 77061. The glass received from Galveston today is clean, with very low contamination. It is then crushed, screened and dried at the facility for recycling into two primary applications – 1. furnace-ready recycled glass to manufacture new glass containers or 2. air blast abrasives for the surface preparation industry. We are able to recover 95-100% of the glass received from the City. 

1. Cullet is shipped to a glass container manufacturer in Texas. The use of cullet in the production of new glass containers results in a reduction of energy & CO2 emissions because recycled glass melts at a lower temperature than mined, virgin materials such as sand. 

2. Air blast abrasives are sold or distributed directly from our Houston facility, primarily used to prep surfaces or remove old coatings for refineries in the oil & gas industry or shipyards. 

Glass is 100% recyclable, endlessly. It creates a perfect circular economy in Texas when used manufacture new glass containers. A recycled glass bottle can be back on the grocery shelf in less than 30 days. 

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