Upcoming Closures, Water Notices and Water Main Breaks

  1. Construction Department Road Closures
  2. Traffic Department Road Closures
  3. Water Service Interruptions
  4. Water Main Breaks

Construction Department Road Closures

Galveston ISD New Ball High School Project

  • Wednesday, 2/14/24 through Friday, 2/23/24 - There will be a 24-hour closure at 1598 43rd St to install a new 10" water line into the water main.
  • Tuesday, 01/02/24 through Monday, 04/01/24 -  There will be a 24-hour closure on the northside of 4115 Ave O to install new curb/gutters. The parking lane on the south side of Ave O will change to a drop off only lane due to the closure on the northside of Ave O