Advanced Water Meters (AMI - Advanced Metering Infrastructure)

As part of an ongoing effort to deliver best-in-class service to our customers, the City of Galveston is embarking on an exciting new Sustainable Interactive Customer Connections (SICC) project that will upgrade all water meters to advanced metering technology. This important, grant-funded project will make a big difference in how you manage your usage, control your bills and are notified about potential leaks in your home. In addition to supporting environmental stewardship, the SICC project will enable the City of Galveston to provide enhanced customer service and improve operational efficiencies.

The City of Galveston will be replacing its water meters with E-Series® Ultrasonic meters supplied by Badger Meter. We have contracted with Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) to implement the installation project.

As part of the metering system upgrade, we will provide you with access to a smartphone application and online portal where you can view your water usage data to make more informed decisions. This new tool will also allow you to set up notification alerts for potential leaks or excess water usage to help avoid unexpected high bills.

In summary, the upgraded metering system will benefit our water utility customers by:

  • Reducing the need for a water meter reader to visit your premises
  • Providing smartphone access to your water consumption information to drive understanding of water usage patterns and billing
  • Allowing you to set an alert to detect potential leaks and receive advance notice of any unusual spikes in usage

The upgrade also provides these benefits to the City of Galveston that help us deliver the highest quality of water to you:

  • Provides an energy efficient, accurate and cost-effective way to read water meters
  • Delivers enhanced data more frequently to quickly identify potential problems
  • Enables the utility to increase water conservation efforts
  • Helps the city operate the water system more efficiently

There's a lot to look forward to and it all starts with your new meter. While we are excited to begin this project, it will take time to replace every meter in our system. Most installations will take place Monday through Friday during regular business hours over the next few months. We have designed this project to minimize disruption for customers and will work hard to make this a seamless transition. 

Throughout the implementation of the metering system upgrade project, we will continue to provide safe, reliable water service as well as updates as the project progresses. Your quality of life is one of our foremost concerns, so we will make every effort to minimize the disruption to your water service. Please be on the lookout for more detailed information in the coming weeks.

The City of Galveston thanks you for your cooperation in making this a successful project that benefits our entire community. We look forward to providing you with an improved customer service experience! 


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