Downtown Streetscape

  1. Work of the contract is for all services and materials necessary to replace and/or modify the streetscape of 23rd Street from Church Ave. to Harborside Drive.
  2. Drawings and specifications add to the description of the work of this contract.
  3. The work shall be done in 4 phases.
  1. Complete work in the block between Church Street and Post Office Street in one phase
  2. Complete the work in the block between Post Office Street and Market Street in one phase.
  3. Complete the work in the block between Market Street and Mechanic Street in one phase.
  4. Complete the work in 2 blocks between Mechanic Street and Harborside Drive in one phase 
  1. The scope is to replace certain walkways and provide new walkway surfaces, accessible ramps, walkway covers, and miscellaneous materials in the Right of Way of 23rd Street
  1. Remove some existing driveways in alley entrances, curbs, and walkways.
  2. Replace some driveways in alley entrances, curbs and walkways.
  3. Construct a walkway cover including lighting between Market Street and Mechanic Street. Provide a walkway cover at the corner of Market Street and 23rd.
  4. Construct some wake break devices in certain areas of 23rd
  5. Construct some water detention devices on 23rd Street to assist in alleviating minor flooding.
  6. Construct accessible paths on the east and west side of 23rd with the exception of the northwest corner of Post Office St and 23rd. This include some stainless steel handrails.
  7. Construct a planted area at the corner of Church St and 23rd .

Downtown Streetscape - Timeline