Galveston Recycle Center

The Galveston Recycle Center accepts recycled materials 24-7. Staff is available to assist between 8 AM and 4:45 PM. Residents are required to provide proof of residency (example: Driver's License) to deposit tires or oils.

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Please use this as your resource for what may and may not be recycled. 

List of Galveston Recycle Center Do's

List of Galveston Recycle Center Don'ts

Curbside Recycling Schedule

Home Collection

The City of Galveston offers monthly home collection of recyclables to elderly and disabled residents. To register for this service please, call 409-797-3630 or email public works. Please fill out the application for in-yard service for the Elderly or Handicap residents here. Upon receipt and approval of the application – the resident will be delivered a 14-gallon blue bin at no charge to the resident.  The bin, while not large, will assist in identifying the recyclables from regular trash.

Clean-up events

The City of Galveston hosted several spring clean-up events through April and May. During two Saturday events, the recycling center shredded and processed 8.575 tons of paper.

Shred Day totals

Learn more about recycling and our department by checking out our video playlist. 

  1. Recycling Center

    Physical Address
    702 61st Street
    Galveston, TX 77551

    Phone: 409-797-3958

    Monday - Sunday
    8 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

    Now offering 24-hour drop-off!

Galveston Recycle Center