Public Education


Included on this page are several educational brochures and downloadable items that illustrate the value of clean storm water as well as ways that residents can keep their activities clean. Such as:

Car Cleaning

If your car is dirty, wash it in a grassed area to allow the detergents and washed off material to be filtered through the vegetation.

Learn more about the environmental effects of vehicle washing; Puget Sound Car Wash Association, Seattle, Washington.

Driveway Cleaning

If your driveway needs cleaned, residential driveways and structures can be cleaned by power washing. However, commercial power washing and any other nonresidential power washing of pavements / parking lots or structures is prohibited by Section 14 to 31 of City of Galveston’s stormwater ordinance.

For this on power washing pollution prevention practices view the San Antonio Water System article.

Commercial & Industrial Measures

Commercial and industrial sites can also perform actions outdoors that can affect the quality of storm water that runs off of their facilities. Informational brochures on common storm water pollution prevention measures for certain types of facilities include: