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Galveston Beachfront

Galveston Island is widely known for its 32 miles of beautiful gulf beaches. For information about beachfront conditions, please visit the Galveston Island Beach Patrol. For information regarding public access points, maintenance of the Galveston’s beachfront, and other useful tips, please visit Galveston Park Board of Trustees.

Seawall Parking

Find complete information about paid parking on Seawall Boulevard.


To ensure the safety of visitors and encourage more families to frequent Galveston Island beaches, the City of Galveston and the Galveston Park Board of Trustees have cooperatively banned alcohol consumption from most public beaches and the Seawall, with the exception of licensed concession areas.

Also, please note all glass beverage containers are strictly prohibited.

Seaweed Information

Is Galveston receiving higher than normal seaweed this year?

Seaweed is a natural occurrence that usually washes up in Galveston starting in May and throughout the summer. This happens across the entire Gulf Coast and is a natural part of being by the sea. Some locations on the island are receiving more consolidated seaweed influxes this year while others are pretty moderate. The difference this year is that we are seeing larger amounts in a short period of time (over one or two days) but then it stops for a while, whereas in the past it has come in more constant throughout the season.

Why is seaweed left on the beach?

Rather than removing seaweed from the beach, the Galveston Park Board pushes sargassum away from the shoreline to create a path for beach-goes and to allow this important organism to decompose naturally. Seaweed has many environmental benefits, such as serving as a nesting habitat for sea turtles, and removing it from the beach would take away miles and miles of sand, creating erosion of the beaches. Seaweed is actually a good thing, so it is a constant balance for us to be environmentally responsible and still accommodate beach-goers.

How often do crews maintain seaweed on the beach?

Our beach maintenance crews are out maintaining seaweed every night during seaweed season, usually starting around midnight and finishing up in the early morning. The heavy equipment we use cannot go on to the beach while beach-goers are there, which is why maintenance is done during off-hours. Crews are working about 20 hours a day to maintain seaweed at public beach parks and beaches along the Seawall.

You can visit Galveston Beach Info, to check out surf conditions, weather, beach events and more prior to coming down to the island.

Beach Access Map

2017 Beach Access Map