1. Physical Ability Test
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All entry level and lateral entry applicants of the Galveston Police Department will be required to pass the department’s standard Physical Ability Test (PAT).


The PAT will begin with a 1.5 mile run and will be followed by a 500-meter row sprint. Applicants will be allowed a 25-minute rest period between the two tests. Details pertaining to the standard PAT are as follows: 


1.5 Mile Run

Applicants must complete this portion of the test within 15:00 minutes.


500 Meter Row

Applicants must complete this portion of the test within the specified times below:

  • 1:48 for Males
  • 2:07 for Females


All row tests will be administered on a Concept2 Row machine. The sites below provide information regarding techniques and common errors while utilizing the Concept2 Rower:


Indoor Rowing Machine Technique - How to use Concept2 Rowers


Tips to Improve Your Rowing Technique | Concept2


Advanced preparation of the PAT is strongly encouraged to ensure optimal results. Applicants should anticipate completing this portion of the examination immediately following successful completion of the written civil service exam.