Improve Your Neighborhood

The City of Galveston is comprised of a unique blend of traditions and cultures that make our historic coastal community truly one-of-a-kind. We take great pride in providing a safe, attractive environment for all who venture to our Island and this legacy is only continued through the support of our residents and property owners. Galveston has so very much to offer: beautiful neighborhoods, higher education institutions, healthcare entities, maritime industry, and much, much more. By working together, we can preserve the historical, cultural, and aesthetic value of our landscape - something that we all truly treasure.

In order to maintain this sense of community, it is paramount as residents and property owners that we strive to invest in our City through appropriate maintenance. This guide illustrates the codes and ordinances in place to help maintain the health, safety, and welfare of our community as a whole.

- Let’s be Good Neighbors, Galveston!

Good Neighbor, Galveston Guidebook (PDF)

Good Neighbor Galveston Guidebook (PDF)

Infractions Code Enforcement Officers Monitor:

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  • Abandoned & "Junk" Vehicles
  • Obstruction of City Rights-of-Way
  • Illegal Signage
  • Litter & Debris
  • Unsafe Structures

How YOU can help!

  • Abandoned Vehicle: A motor vehicle left unattended on the rights-of-way in excess of 48 hours
    • These are now addressed by the City Marshal's Office, call 409-797-3647 to report an abandoned vehicle
  • Junked Vehicle: This is a vehicle that is inoperable or has expired inspection or license tag stickers on private property
  • Keep grass and high weeds cut to below 9-inch maximum
  • Paint over or remove graffiti
  • Cut bushes and/or remove trees covering or obstructing stop signs
  • Maintain premises clean and neat from the middle of your alley to and including the street curb and gutters
  • Dispose of litter and debris correctly
  • Containerize litter and garbage securely
  • Correct existing nuisances
    • Overgrowth of shrubbery, trees, and weeds
    • Rubbish, filth, scattered trash, and garbage
    • Old appliances and furniture
    • Dilapidated structures
    • Fire Hazards of any type
    • Harboring of rats, mice, and snakes
  • Do not post notices on trees, utility poles, or traffic signs
  • Trim trees in street to no less than 15 feet from bottom branches to street
  • Post your house number so that it can be seen from the street
  • Keep fences maintained and in good condition
  • Promptly repair any sewage line breaks or leaks
  • No obstructions to be placed in the city right-of-way
  • Remove door of any refrigerator and any antifreeze before sitting outside
  • Do not store vehicles, furniture, building rubbish, trash, etc. on residential premises
  • Do not dump anywhere except city dump (severe state fines imposed for this offense)
  • Eliminate holes in property (or containers) which collect water, allowing mosquitoes to breed
  • Be aware of lead paint removal ordinance
  • Do not blow grass cuttings or trash in the street gutter and storm drains
  • Commercial businesses need to maintain their landscaping
  • All signs need to be permitted before erected