Connect Transit: League City Park-n-Ride

Click here for new League City Park-n-Ride schedule effective 4/01/16. M-O-M Park-n-Ride is no longe


The Mall of the Mainland (M-O-M) Park-n-Ride service that operated from the Mall of the Mainland (MOM) in Texas City
ceased operations on March 31, 2016.

Connect Transit (operator of the M-O-M service and the League City P&R) is committed to assisting as many M-O-M riders as possible with retaining access to a commuting option, and has already facilitated access to the regional van pooling program for M-O-M riders who wish to convert to van pooling. 

Minor changes to the League City P&R service will also be implemented in an effort to serve M-O-M riders, while minimizing the effect on existing League City P&R riders.  Several AM and PM trips on the League City P&R service will add a stop at the Park & Pool lot at Delany Rd/Century Blvd & Monticello Dr (near I-45) in Texas City. 

Every effort has been made to ensure minimal disruption to arrival
times in Galveston so that everyone will still be on time for work.  

Concerns can be addressed to James Hollis, Connect Transit Transportation Director.  
Mr. Hollis may be contacted via mail, phone, or email at: 
James Hollis, Connect Transit Transportation Director
4352 E.F. Lowry Expressway
Texas City, TX 77591