Coastal Resources Division

The Coastal Resources Division performs a variety of administrative, policy and technical work around the current and long range planning programs related to coastal resources. Duties include overseeing the implementation and management of the City of Galveston’s Coastal Management Plan; evaluate federal and state land use law and impacts on local plans and ordinances related to the relationship between private property for the equity and sustainability of natural resource use; and gathering, interpreting and preparing data for studies. Reports and recommends to City Council, Planning Commission and stakeholder groups. 

City of Galveston Dune Protection and Beach Access Plan

Click here to download a copy of the plan: Ordinance-16-003 - City of Galveston Dune Protection and Beach Access Plan

(DRAFT) Updates to the Plan

At their regular meeting on January 24, 2019, City Council adopted Ordinance 19-012, which is a draft of the City of Galveston Dune Protection and Beach Access Plan.

The purpose of this draft is to:

  • Consolidate and reconcile the City's existing local ordinances that pertain to beachfront construction and dune protection regulations, definitions of terms, and the City's Erosion Response Plan.
  • Incorporate a 2015 update to state law regarding dune mitigation was also included in the draft (see 31 TAC Rule §15.4).
  • Incorporate a proposed new beach user fee schedule for parking along Seawall Boulevard in Seawall Beach Urban Park.

City Council also directed staff to submit this draft to the Texas General Land Office (GLO) for their review and consideration of certification. Staff submitted the draft to the GLO on February 12, 2019 and are pending approval from the state.

Link to download:

City of Galveston Dune Protection and Beach Access Plan (DRAFT) (PDF)

Beach Access and Dune Protection Plan Review Ad Hoc Committee

City Council adopted Resolution 18-024 (PDF) on May 24, 2018, establishing the Beach Access and Dune Protection Plan Review Committee.

The mission of this committee is to review the City's Beach Access and Dune Protection Plan and to provide recommendations of possible amendments to the plan to the Planning Commission and City Council.

More information about the Ad Hoc Committee can be found here: Beach & Ad Hoc Committee


Texas Beach Accessibility Guide - a guide from the Texas General Land Office on vehicular beach access, pedestrian beach access, accessible parking, signage & beach amenities, and other beach access topics.

Coastal Dunes: Dune Protection and Improvement Manual for the Texas Gulf Coast - a guide from the Texas General Land Office on topics such as the Texas beaches and dunes, dune construction/improvement/repair, dune walkovers, beach access and drainage.

BEG Shoreline Change Map - an interactive map prepared by the Bureau of Economic Geology that illustrates trends in shoreline change along the Texas Gulf Coast, from the 1930's to 2012. A link to the full report of the study can be found here (link).

Homeowner's Handbook to Prepare for Coastal Natural Hazards - a handbook for property owners along the Gulf coast to increase awareness of coastal hazards and promote resiliency. Prepared by partners of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance.

National Wetlands Inventory - an interactive map prepared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of wetland resources in the United States.

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