Sidewalk and Curb Repair Program

Sidewalk and Curb Repair Program
  1. Angela Longoria

    Senior Administrative Assistant

The City of Galveston has seen overwhelming success through the participation of our community! 

Interested applicants should complete the application. The application remittance instructions are on the form.

Thank you Galveston for making this first public-private partnership with the City such a positive experience!

Download the Application (PDF)!

What is the Sidewalk and Curb Repair Program?

  • This is a public-private partnership between the City and you, the property owner! The installation/maintenance of new as well as existing sidewalks, curbs, and gutters along private property but within the City right-of-way are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.
  • Property owners wishing to participate in the program will pay for the cost of materials, and the City will provide the labor and equipment to complete the necessary repairs.

What repairs are eligible?

  • Only sidewalks or curbs and gutters located in the City of Galveston rights-of-way are eligible; repairs will not be made on private property.
  • Sidewalks that have an abrupt change in grade or surface are eligible.
  • Sidewalks, curbs, or gutter pan sections that are broken with missing pieces are eligible.
  • Locations that are not already scheduled to be repaired under the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) or any other grants/programs are eligible.
  • Repairs will only be made when an abutting property owner agrees to pay for the cost of the materials for the repairs; repair work will not be scheduled until payment has been remitted.

How is the Sidewalk and Curb Repair Program being funded?

  • This program is being funded through a grant by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), a group that administers the spending of local 4B Sales Tax funds.
  • This program will cover the cost of equipment and labor for repairs that are eligible.
  • Property owners interested in participating in the program will be responsible for paying the cost of materials.

How will the City prioritize requests?

  • All interested property owners are encouraged to submit repair requests! When prioritizing the requests, the City will take into consideration the proximity of the repair to areas with high pedestrian traffic; schools, public facilities, and retirement communities; infrastructure issues such as accessibility or drainage; and in relation to other requested repairs.