Residential Building Applications

You will need all of the following information that pertains to your job in order to submit your Residential Building Application. Applications without all necessary information will not be accepted. 

  • 2 Sets of 11 x 17 (minimum size) Engineered Plans or a digital (electronic) copy are required for all new construction or significant modification construction.
  • Completed Building Permit Application. This includes all associated signatures and information. All blanks of the application must be completed with the requested information or N/A where appropriate.
  • Detailed Site Plan. This plan must be to scale, indicating all applicable setbacks, property line location, associated streets and placement of proposed improvements. 
  • Drainage Plan. This is required for all new development where alterations to the drainage patterns may occur, or where no drainage provisions currently exist. 
  • Elevation Certificate. This is required for all new structures. 
  • Energy Code. Please refer to the handout entitled "City of Galveston Energy Code Requirements."
  • Historic Districts. Photos of the existing areas or structure along with drawings of proposed changes or alterations. (Please refer to Article 10 of the Land Development Regulations and the Design Standards for Historic Properties in Galveston.)
  • Land Use Information. Details of the existing and proposed land use, including operations, personnel specifications, services provided, etc. (floor plan/layout required)
  • Property Survey. If available for all new construction including additions or expansions. 
House under construction
Please be aware the City of Galveston is abides by the 2012 IRC code with 130 MPH 3 second wind gust for all Residential construction. When building in the City of Galveston there is a 5' fire setback requirement from all adjoining property lines. Please contact us if you have any questions.