Residential Parking

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Register for residential parking permit online HERE!

Residents needing parking passes for their neighborhoods may apply online. 
Residential parking permits are free to residents who live in these areas, however, they require an application and proof of residency. The application and maps of the parking areas are available online at
Parking permits are valid for a year and may be renewed annually by filling out the application. Please have proof of residency such as a current lease or utility bill. Residents are eligible for two visitor passes.  
Annual parking passes for paid parking along the Seawall are separate from the residential parking pass. Annual Seawall Parking passes may be purchased by calling 409-797-5198. You can also purchase online at or by visiting one of the following pay stations: 
Ohana Surf & Skate at 28th and Seawall
Pay Station at 61st and Seawall
Pay Station at 90th and Seawall

Please note:

Permits must be renewed ANNUALLY on January 1st.
There is no charge for the residential parking passes.
All residential parking areas are eligible for TWO visitor passes.

Residential Parking - Print Ready Maps