Capital Improvements Projects FY 2019-2023

Waves of Progress: A vision for Galveston

Through City investment, partnerships and community support, we made significant progress in 2018 and have a bright vision for the future.

Galveston is fortunate to have a healthy economic base anchored by maritime, health care, education and tourism. In 2018, we’ve made important steps toward improving our standing in each area – and we’re not slowing down.

The City of Galveston has prioritized infrastructure, neighborhoods and parks as the foundations for progress. This is evident around the island, from new lighting in neighborhoods to the revitalization of Market Street.

In recent years, you’ve probably driven along redeveloped corridors on 27th, 43rd, 51st, 53rd and 61st streets. When we look at projects or initiatives we first ask how these goals will benefit Galvestonians.

To that end, the City has made important investments in quality of life amenities, including enhancements to all of our parks, a new state-of-the art baseball complex and the community pool now in its second full season. Galveston is investing more in neighborhoods today than it has in the past two decades combined.

This public investment is driving more private investment, from homeowners restoring historic properties to developers with bold visions. Look no further than the long-vacant former Falstaff Brewery which is now undergoing a complete renovation and will soon house a hotel and event space.

In the map below, you can view many of the capital improvement projects the city is working on around the community. You can learn more about each project, including the estimated cost and timeline, by clicking on each item.

My hope for 2019 is continued progress with the community and City Council working together toward our shared vision. I’m excited about what the future holds for Galveston, and I am convinced the best is yet to come.

Mayor James D. Yarbrough


The new station, which houses Engine 1, Tower 1, and Battalion 1, will provide a modern, fully equipped facility for firefighters including Fire Administration and Fire Prevention staff. Here is a video of the progress.