Galveston Kidversity

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From wanting to be the Mayor, to asking questions about where our sewers drain to, kids have all sorts of questions that City staff can help answer! That's why we've created Galveston Kidvesity! Teachers can set up a tour of City Hall with our Public Information Office for their individual classes. Prior to arriving, staff will ask for a list of students names to make sure that we have name tags and certificates ready for each student. We will then meet you and your class on the steps of City Hall and the tour will begin! Each department within City Hall will meet with each class and staff will give them the highlights of what their department does as well as answer any questions. At the end students will have an opportunity to answer a 3 question quiz and earn a Kidversity graduate certificate!

This program teaches students not only about the role that city government plays in their every day life, but also about the importance of getting involved in local leadership within your community!

Galveston Kidversity with Ship

From making decisions about what parks to build, to making sure all of the trash gets picked up, City Hall does it all! Sign your class up today for this educational opportunity by filling out the form below or emailing us!

Things to remember when booking a tour:

  • The tour can take up to two hours to complete depending on the amount of questions you will let your students ask! (they will have many!)
  • Our schedule of availability varies depending on the day, please place your preferred time and date on the form below and then wait to hear from us before planning it with your class and school.
  • Bring your camera! We will have several opportunities to snap photos of your class and we welcome you to do that. Please ensure that all students have written consent for photos and make staff aware of any child who is not to be photographed during a tour!
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Sample Certificate:

Kidversity Certificate Example