Building A Better Broadway

The City of Galveston is kicking off a plan to improve the configuration and appearance of the Broadway Corridor.  The intent of this effort will be to generate a vision for both immediate and long-term improvement strategies. The Broadway Ad Hoc Committee has been brainstorming enhancements for the Broadway Design Guidelines as they relate to new development. 

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The Broadway Corridor project will not only include exploration of land use strategies and incentives to assist existing property owners reach improved standards, but will also contemplate redevelopment opportunities that market to investors. In addition, the plan will provide a thorough analysis and recommendations for public right of way enhancements such as multi-modal transportation enhancements, implementing public art, holiday displays, upgraded lighting, and elements that will create visual appeal and improve function. 

This process will run parallel with the process analyzing the possible expansion and creation of historical districts. A series of public engagement meetings will be held throughout the summer and fall to obtain feedback from community stakeholders.

Any updates to this project will be posted here on this page, so stay tuned for the latest! 

Presentations made at the October 20th Broadway Ad Hoc Committee Meeting:

Upcoming Vision Workshops (Public Meetings):

Alternatives Workshop:

Links to webinar and survey from Public Meeting #1.  

The webinar summarizes the meeting for those who were not able to attend and the survey give folks an opportunity to provide input:

Public Meeting#1 Survey - CLICK HERE

Public Meeting#1 Webinar - CLICK HERE