Right-of-Way (ROW) Construction Permits-Utilities

Temporary License To Use (TLTU) - Email to Engineering@GalvestonTX.Gov

Handicap Parking Zone (Installation or Removal)

Road Closure - Email to PIO, Marissa Barnett at MBarnett@GalvestonTX.Gov & Public Works User at PublicWorks@GalvestonTX.Gov

What is the TLTU process?

A Temporary License to Use (TLTU) application may be obtained in the Department of Engineering or the City's webpage. 

The TLTU to use the City Right-of-Way application along with a detailed site plan shall be submitted at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the anticipated date of the event or use of the property. Fees associated with the TLTU request range depending on required City response. Please review the application and discuss your project with City Staff to determine actual fees. Please note, partial applications will not be accepted. 

What is considered when evaluating a TLTU?

A number of considerations are evaluated when Staff and City Departments review the application and site plan for a Temporary License to Use in the City Right-of-Way. For example, if a dumpster is too large and will block the alleyway, the Fire Department may have an objection, in which case the TLTU would not be granted. Objections from any of the City Departments will automatically result in denial of the request. Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Some of our streets are state highways. TXDOT must give approval to block street. These streets are Broadway, Harborside, Ferry Road, FM 3005 (San Luis Pass), 61st Street, and some of the Seawall.
  • No alcohol on City R.O.W.
  • No blow-up amusements allowed on the street for a block party. This is for safety reasons for fire and police. 
  • Blocking of the Strand MUST have signatures of owners affected. 
  • Block parties MUST have signatures of residents affected. 
  • Seventy-five (75) or more people are a "Special Event."

Should you need further information, please feel free to contact the Department of Engineering at: Engineering@GalvestonTX.Gov or 409-797-3644


Sec. 31-281. - Registration and construction permits can be found here 


Sec. 31-302. - Applicable fees and rental rates to the city can be found here