Galveston University

Welcome to the City's Galveston University. This program is designed to engage citizens and key City staff on a learning process together. As we teach the ins and outs of City government, our hope is to also learn from each of you. A few things:

  • The class will meet each Wednesday evening from 6:00 - 8:30pm in various locations throughout the City.
  • This nine week commitment will require students to come to a minimum of eight classes to be recognized as a graduate. 
  • Each class will cover a variety of departments and information that will help students better understand the role of local government in the community they call home.
  • Students will be given a binder, name tag, and upon graduation a customized polo shirt and certificate of recognition.
  • While residency on the Island is not a requirement, those who do reside in Galveston will be given priority on the limited space in each session. 
  • All participants will be required to pass a criminal background check for the safety of the staff and students.

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More About The Program 

Galveston, TX – August 28, 2019 – The City of Galveston is thrilled to welcome it's fourth class of Galveston University students this fall. In the nine-week program, Galveston University participants will meet key staff members, tour facilities and learn about the various departments within the City.

The City created Galveston University to offer an opportunity for people to learn more about the role of local government on the island and what it takes to provide services to the community and keep it thriving. 

The nine-week program is a great opportunity for residents to get involved in local government and for staff to listen and receive input from the citizens we serve.

“Community engagement and education make the island stronger,” Mayor James Yarbrough said. “Galveston University is a unique opportunity for residents to get involved in the civic process and I would encourage everyone to sign up for it.”

During the program, participants get a crash course in how the City develops its budget and learn about the projects and progress underway across the island.

Students take a trolley tour of City properties and learn about how the City manages its parks and special events. Galveston University also includes a visit to the police department to learn about how the City keeps residents safe and builds relationships between officers and the community.

The final course includes a round-table at Garten Verein for students to spend time discussing opportunities and concerns that exist in our community with the Mayor, City Manager, Police Chief and Fire Chief.  At the end of the program, graduates will be recognized for their dedication to their community during a Galveston City Council meeting.

“We’re really proud to offer the Galveston University program,” City Manager Brian Maxwell said. “We want an engaged citizenry and we welcome every opportunity to listen and learn from our citizens. Throughout the nine-week course, Galveston University provides ample opportunities for staff to work closely with the people we serve.”

Sarah Moore Click, a Galveston resident and graduate of the inaugural Galveston University class, said the program should be a requirement for all residents.

“I have never been so proud to be a Galvestonian. The way all of the departments of our City work together is really impressive,” Moore Click said.

“If you have ever wondered why the City of Galveston is doing something a certain way, sign up for the class. The fact that all of the city staff members took the time out of their evenings to explain their jobs to us shows you just how much pride they all have in working for our community. Galveston University essentially puts you in a round-table discussion type setting with all of the major decision makers, and they are genuinely interested in our feedback as citizens.”

The City of Galveston invites anyone who is interested in the program to sign up for the next class by visiting

The next program will be held in the fall and will begin September 18, 2019 on Wednesday nights. We recommend people who are interested sign up early due to the high demand of earlier programs. There are typically 22 spots available for each class.

While residency on the Island is not a requirement, those who do reside in Galveston will be given priority for the limited space in each session. All participants will be required to pass a criminal background check for the safety of the staff and students.