Civilian Review Board

The Civilian Review Board is responsible for:

  • Reviewing police department internal investigations to determine if the investigation was sufficient and the conclusions were correct.
  • Reviewing GPD operational policies, at the request of the chief of police.
  • Writing a recommendation regarding the adequacy of the investigation or the operational  policy to the chief of police on every case it reviews.

The Board will meet:

  • As often as necessary to discuss matters within the concern of the board; however, the board shall meet no less than four (4) times during each calendar year.

  • The chairperson of the board may call meetings as necessary to conduct business.  

  • The meeting shall be held at the police department. 

Current Board:

  • Mayoral -- Jeff Gelb
  • District 1 -- Bridgett Johnson
  • District 2 -- Doug Wright
  • District 3 -- Dorethea Lewis (term limited)
  • District 4 -- Steve Everts
  • District 5 -- Alex Makris (term limited)
  • District 6 -- David Rogers (term limited)

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