Incinerator Demolition Project


City Begins Moving Forward with Long-Awaited Incinerator Demolition Project

The Texas General Land Office continues to invest in Galveston and has committed over $5 million in Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds to demolish and remediate the City’s municipal incinerator which has not been used since the 1950s. The project is part of a continued effort by the City to leverage these federal dollars in ways that eliminate blight and improve the quality of life here on the Island.

The City of Galveston is in the process of obtaining proposals for the project. The proposals being gathered include the demolition of the old building, removal of the asbestos materials, and construction of a concrete cap over the site to contain the contaminated soil onsite.

As part of the process, the City is also working to prevent any harmful effect from the contaminated soils in the area and is pursuing rezoning the surrounding area to non-residential use, buying out the properties in the site area, demolishing the existing structures, and remediating the soil. This process will affect 19 properties in the site area, 4 of which are currently occupied. All of the affected properties have been notified, and the City is working closely with each of them to address their needs.

Those owners whose property was selected for acquisition, under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act (URA) and Texas law, will be given the option to either donate the property to the City, or the City will purchase the property from them at fair market value. A Fair Market Valuation of the property will be established to determine the amount of just compensation. An independent appraiser will determine the fair market value. The City’s goal is to attempt to negotiate agreements for all property acquisitions.

The City created a Municipal Setting Designation for the site which has prohibited the use of groundwater for drinking purposes in the project area.

To ensure that all information regarding this project available to residents, the City has placed a designated page on their website that will be maintained throughout the project. You can view all reports, affected properties, findings, information regarding property owner’s rights, request for proposal documents, and other related documents in the right hand column of this page.

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