What safety features does my golf cart needed to be equipped with?
All golf carts must be equipped with the following minimum safety equipment to be eligible for a registration permit:
1) Operational headlamps
2) Operational tail lamps
3) Side reflectors
4) Operational parking brake
5) Rearview mirror(s)
6) Slow moving vehicle sign having a reflective surface designed to be clearly visible in daylight or at night from the light of standard headlamps at a distance of at least 500 feet. This sign should be mounted base down on the rear of the cart at a height from three to five feet above the road surface. It must be maintained in a clean reflective condition.
Golf carts registered 103rd Street and east are required to install the following additional safety equipment:
1) Turn signals
2) Horn
3) Brake lights
4) Seat belts
All golf cart equipment must be installed and maintained in a manner consistent with the standards provided by Texas Transportation Code.

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