How was the golf cart ordinance developed?
On December 13, 2009, the Galveston City Council appointed Galvestonians to two ad hoc committees, the East End Golf Cart Committee and the West End Golf Cart Committee. Each committee was asked to research the use of golf carts in master planned communities as well as on other public streets. After meeting over the course of several weeks the committees brought their recommendations to Council in the form of an ordinance. Throughout the process several city staff members worked with the groups, notably representatives from the police and legal departments.

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1. When does the newly adopted golf cart ordinance go into effect?
2. Who is legally allowed to drive a golf cart on Galveston Island?
3. What is the boundary line distinguishing the western and eastern portions of the city?
4. Where can I drive my golf cart?
5. Why can’t I drive my golf cart on non-vehicular beaches?
6. Where can I apply for my golf cart registration permit and decal?
7. How much does the registration cost?
8. What is the fine if I’m caught disregarding the golf cart ordinance?
9. What safety features does my golf cart needed to be equipped with?
10. Is it illegal to drink alcohol while driving my golf cart?
11. How was the golf cart ordinance developed?
12. Where can I get a copy of the new ordinance regulating golf carts?