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Report Public Works Problems

  1. Examples
    • Drainage / Storm Water Pollution: Water flooding or collecting, sediment discharged from construction sites onto streets or to channels/bays, or illegal dumping of waste materials such as oil, trash, or leaf / grass clippings into storm water inlets or into channels / bays
    • Litter / Illegal Dumping: Debris on public property or right-of-way (Report litter on private property to the City Marshal's Office at 409-797-3647, for inspection and enforcement)
    • Sewer: Stopped / overflowing sanitary or storm sewer
    • Street Repair: Pothole, surface breaks, or irregularities
    • Traffic: Defective signal, damage traffic signs, or defective street light (You must enter the six-digit number found on the light pole below. These are reported to CenterPoint Energy, which you may also do at 713-207-2222)
  2. Include location and, for defective street lights, the six-digit lamp pole number.
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