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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Airport Advisory Committee
  3. Animal Services Advisory Board
  4. Arts & Historic Preservation Advisory Board
  5. Building Board of Adjustments & Appeals
  6. City Council
  7. Civilian Review Board
  8. Community Development Block Grant - Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) Notice
  9. Cultural Arts Commission
  10. East End Lagoon Committee
  11. Employee Health Benefits Plan
  12. Ethics Commission
  13. Fair Housing Activity Statement - Texas Committee
  14. Families, Children & Youth Board
  15. Finance, Fiscal Affairs and Investment Advisory Committee
  16. Firefighters and Police Officers Civil Service Commission
  17. Galveston Employee's Retirement Fund--Non-Civil Service Employees
  18. Galveston Employee's Retirement Plan for Police
  19. Galveston Firefighter's Pension Board
  20. Galveston Housing Authority
  21. Galveston Housing Finance Corporation/Galveston Property Finance Authority
  22. Galveston Island Redevelopment Authority (RDA)
  1. Galveston Island Redevelopment Authority/Galv. Housing Finance Corp/Galv. Property Finance Authority
  2. Galveston Municipal Police Association
  3. Galveston Port Facilities Corporation
  4. Galveston Wharves Board
  5. Industrial Development Corporation
  6. International Association of Fire Fighters Local 571
  7. Landmark Commission
  8. Park Board of Trustees
  9. Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
  10. Planning Commission
  11. Recycling Ad Hoc Committee
  12. Seawall Parking Ad Hoc Committee
  13. Sister Cities Program Committee
  14. Stewart Beach Ad Hoc Committee
  15. Tax Foreclosed Property Resale Committee
  16. Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #12
  17. Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #13
  18. Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #14
  19. Tree Committee
  20. Trolley Ad Hoc Committee
  21. Zoning Board of Adjustment
  22. ZZ-City Council Workshops