Service Overview

The City of Galveston’s Sanitation Department is implementing changes to its service and cart rates effective February 1. The changes are structured to provide more efficient service by limiting the amount of bulk trash and addressing inequities in commercial rates. The changes are outlined here:

All properties within the City of Galveston with a utility account are required to have permanent sanitation services either provided by the city or a licensed provider (licensed service allowed for commercial customers only.) 

The changes were approved by the City Council in November 2023, but implementation was scheduled for February to prepare for the changes and give residents and businesses time to learn about the changes and make any necessary changes. 


The fees charged monthly for weekly collection and removal of refuse from commercial establishments will be $53.12 a month for two carts. Each additional cart will cost $26.52. Commercial and residential customers are allowed up to four carts. Commercial customers with two carts will not see a change in their current rate, but customers with additional carts will be required to pay for the additional trash pickup. 

Commercial customers have the option of using a licensed private hauler instead of the City’s sanitation services. To find a list of licensed haulers, visit


The residential rate for one cart service is unchanged at $24.97. Beginning in February there will be a charge for additional carts at a rate of $6 per cart per month. Residential customers are allowed up to four carts. 


Residents will be limited to one bundle (no larger than 5 feet in length and 3 feet in height and 3 feet in width) of brush during their regular collection day. 


The Sanitation Department will also begin limiting its collection of bulk trash beginning in February. Bulk waste are large items distinguished from the general, domestic municipal waste collected in carts. This could include appliances, furniture, tree stumps and oversized waste. 

Customers will be charged the bulk waste collection rate of $45 per cubic yard (3ft. x 3ft. x 3ft.) for additional piles of brush or bulky waste. The minimum fee for bulk waste pickup will be $22.50 or ½ cubic yard.  This change is aimed at creating a more efficient service by eliminating the miscellaneous trash that causes delays in service and damage to trucks. 


Extra garbage left outside of the carts or overloaded carts will be billed at $5.50 per 32-gallon equivalent. Return trips for cans that were not out for normal collection, or not collectable at no fault of the department will be charged at a rate of $14 per occurrence.  


Residential customers may bring up to 1000 pounds of acceptable waste to the Transfer Station once per calendar month for drop off at no cost. Residential customers must have a hard copy of their utility bill and an acceptable form of identification with the same address and the service account. 

For a list of acceptable items, prohibited items and Transfer Station hours please visit:

The department is implementing all changes beginning February 1, and changes will be reflected in utility bills sent out in March and April. 

If customers need to make changes to their service, such as adding or removing carts, please call the Sanitation Department at 409-797-3630. 

The City of Galveston is one of few municipal governments that performs sanitation services, which is a requirement by city charter.