Land Development Regulations (LDRs)

Purpose Statement

On March 5, 2015, the City of Galveston officially adopted the "Land Development Regulations of 2015," thus replacing the "1991 Zoning Standards." These regulations provide guidance and standards for the orderly development and redevelopment of land and associated public infrastructure, facilities, and amenities in accordance with the "City of Galveston 2011 Comprehensive Plan."

Community Goals

Provide information regarding how your services directly or indirectly affect the daily lives of citizens. Some examples include:

  • Promote the public health, safety, morals, and/or general welfare
  • Promoting the safe, orderly development of the municipality
  • Lessen congestion on streets
  • Provide adequate light and air
  • Facilitate the adequate provision of transportation

Land Development Regulations (LDRs)

The Planning & Development Division and City Council are in the process of revising the "Land Development Regulations of 2015." 

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Land Development Regulations of 2015

Table of Contents

Article 1
Jurisdiction and Zoning Districts
Article 2
Uses and Supplemental Standards
Article 3
Yard, Lot, and Setback Standards
Article 4
Planned Unit Development (PUD) Overlay Zoning
Article 5
Sign Regulations
Article 6
Subdivision and Design Development
Article 7
Lighting Regulations
Article 8
Parking/Loading Regulations
Article 9
Landscaping Regulations
Article 10
Historic Neighborhood Standards
Article 11
Article 12
Administrative Bodies
Article 13
Permits and Procedures
Article 14